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On Privacy Classification in Ubiquitous Computing Systems

Cvrček Daniel, Matyáš Václav, Kumpošt Marek,

Klíčové slova


Many papers and articles attempt to define or even quantify privacy, typically with a major focus on anonymity. A related research exercise in the area of evidence-based trust models for ubiquitous computing environments has given us an impulse to take a closer look at the definition(s) of privacy in the Common Criteria, which we then transcribed in a bit more formal manner. This led us to a further review of unlinkability, and revision of another semi-formal model allowing for expression of anonymity and unlinkability - the Freiburg Privacy Diamond. We propose new means of describing (obviously only observable) characteristics of a system to reflect the role of contexts for profiling - and linking - users with actions in a system. We believe this approach should allow for evaluating privacy in large data sets.